This package is for you if you desire to deeply understand what works best for YOU and YOUR body so you can move forward dressing authentically and with style!

Have you ever felt lost in a sea of clothing, unsure of what truly flatters you?

Have you ever wondered WHY your friend looked so great in a clothing item, but it fell flat when you purchased the same item?

Have you ever put on a top or blouse and instantly felt like you looked drained or needed to put on more makeup?

Have you ever seen someone look amazing in their style and wondered why you couldn't put outfits together like that?

Babe, I've got you!

I will equip you with the tools to navigate the fashion world with confidence.

If you would love to understand all the aspects of style that will allow you to glow, elevate, and dress your absolute best, then this is the package for you!

This is what you can expect:

Learn your Body Type:

The Body Type Breakdown: We will identify your body type and its key characteristics

✨Learn to Dress for Your Body Type: We will discuss, and you will learn how to highlight your beautiful body that will allow you to choose clothing that flatters all the right places.

✨The Importance of Fabrics: We will discuss which fabrics you should be looking for when you shop so that the items you choose flow best with your body shape.

✨Your Body Type Reference Guide:  This guide will tell you everything that we are covering during our session. It will be your go-to resource as you move forward in your style journey.

✨Hands-on Learning: During our session, we will look at a couple of your favorite outfits and I will teach you what works and what doesn't about those outfits when it comes to your unique body.

Discover your perfect Colors:

When you learn the colors that best flatter you, shopping will be easier.

✨You will save time and money because you will no longer waste money on clothing that doesn't make you look your best.

✨You will glow in your outfits because the colors that are meant for you allow you to shine in the most beautiful way.

✨You get an instant facelift, a whiter smile, and the reduced appearance of fine lines.

✨You will know what makeup colors you should wear and what your ideal hair color is.

Uncover your unique Style Code (aka Style Personality):

Your Style Code is a unique way to look at dressing for your Style Personality that truly brings YOU to the forefront. As an Image Strategist, determining your Style Code is a much different process than a traditional Personal Stylist employs, and you will LOVE the results!

✨We will look at the styles that speak to you as well as your personality while also evaluating your body to determine how to create a style that ENERGETICALLY matches who you are.

✨You will receive a customized Style Code sheet for your reference as you move into the future with your newly developed style. 

✨Together, we will look at the elements of a few of your favorite outfits so that you can learn in a hands-on way how to use your Style Code to make sure your outfits are being true to your style.

This is what sets The Style Compass apart:

✨You will develop a TRULY SIGNATURE style based upon your body type, your unique style code, and color analysis. This will allow you to express your true self through your style.

You will look at style, clothing, and shopping in a fresh, new way which will also lead you to spend less money because you will know precisely what items work for you.

You will be able to create looks in your closet that are cohesive and reflect the style journey we have gone on together, allowing your style to be one-of-a-kind!

This is a 3-appointment package, including your initial style consultation.

The Investment: $825

**This package does not include a closet session, evaluating wardrobe gaps, shopping, styling, or look books**

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