About Me

Hi there!  

My name is Michelle Glass and helping women feel confident and beautiful is my passion!  I have been in the world of fashion since before I graduated college.  I graduated with a degree in Merchandising Management and took my love for fashion into the retail world before deciding that Management in a big box store was not for me.  I'm a creative who thrives on helping others and I wasn't able to do that in my role. Through life's detours, I ended up working in the jewelry industry and finally landed back in a retail store as one of the top sellers for my boutique because I knew how to put outfits together that worked for what women were truly needing.

I have spent the past 8 years Styling for a Fashion brand in Charlotte, NC.  Over the years, I have had hands-on experience developing my style sense and my eye to really help women find clothing that fits them well.  Over the past 8 years, I have developed a strong drive toward seeing the women I style feel beautiful.  I have seen confidence really come out in so many women when they put on an outfit that feels great on their body and that they feel beautiful in.  A certain light comes on inside a woman when they put on their clothes (their armor) and go out into the world.

This is the reason that I began my own personal styling business. I am applying my years of experience to help women find clothing that helps them feel confident and feel beautiful.  I have a certification through the Style Coaching Institute where I refined my styling skills and also learned life coaching skills to help women get beyond the limitations inside of their minds so they can truly uncover and see their beauty both inside and out.

If you desire to find your confidence and uncover the secrets of lasting style, I would love if you would consider working with me as your Personal Stylist.  Check out the Work with Me page!