Find your WOW colors by exploring what colors make you glow and get noticed!  These colors will make finding your ideal colors for your clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories a breeze.

"The best color in the whole world is one that looks good on you." 

~Coco Chanel

Do you wear a lot of black because it's slimming, but feel it washes you out?  Do you ever put on a piece of clothing and it "just doesn't feel right"?  Do you ever try to create an outfit in your closet, but feel like you just go to the same ol' thing because nothing in your closet goes together?

A Color Analysis with a trained color professional will solve all of those problems for you!

Discovering your Personal Coloring is a game-changer when it comes to finding harmony in your wardrobe.   If you are ready to:

I have been trained by a Master Color Analyst in the ins-and-outs of Color and Color Harmony.  I work using the current Color Analysis System which begins with the 4 Main Seasons (Winter, Autumn, Spring, and Summer) which each flow into additional subcategories, totaling 16 seasonal palettes.

After our Analysis is complete, you will:

 You will also receive:

Choose whether you would like a Virtual Color Analysis or In-Person below.  Details will be emailed to you upon purchase of your package.  

Color Discovery Cost:  $300

Virtual Color Analysis results will be provided within 2 weeks from all information requested being received.

In-Person Color Discovery sessions are scheduled on Thursdays between 9am and 2pm in my Style Studio. Appointments will last 1 1/2 hours.