Why should I hire a Stylist?

Getting dressed WELL is an art. For most women, this is an undeveloped skill that they simply don't have the time or energy to learn. You could choose to scour the internet to find all of the answers, or you could rely on a Stylist to help you. And if you can do that, why wouldn't you? A Stylist makes getting dressed easy and fun. Going into your closet does not need to be stressful. Hiring a Stylist is a great gift to yourself, your time, and your confidence!

What is it like to work with a Personal Stylist?

When you work with me specifically, my goal is the work alongside you to determine what personal style is right for YOU!  Working with me is always a 2-way conversation and while I WILL push you to step outside of your comfort zone, we will talk a LOT about what your vision for your future style is.  Many of our appointments will be done virtually.  Depending on YOU, some will be in-person, however everything can be done virtually just as successfully!  When you work with me inside of a longer-term styling package, you WILL close out your package with the end-result that we began our very first call planning for.  You have to be READY to make a change and you have to know that you are paying me to get you to your next-level style.  That will mean stepping outside of your comfort zone so you don't end up right back where you started.  Style is a choice.

I am a good listener and we will create a style that is developed based upon many questions I will ask and evaluations that we will complete together.  It's an extremely transformation process for women who go through it and it elevates how you feel from the inside-out.  It is truly a life-changing experience!

What is a Style Possibilities Call?  What does it involve?

This is a FREE 15 minutes of time where we will discuss what goals you want to accomplish when working with a me.  We will talk about what your idea of working with a Stylist is and will determine if, based upon those things, we are the right fit to work together.  At the end of the call, we will know if we plan to work together or not.  You will also understand the #1 thing you need to do to move forward and discover your next-level style.


What size Clients do you work with?

I don't care if you are a size 0 or a size 26. As a Stylist, I can dress anyone because no matter the size, we will find your best looks and style when we complete my Style Synchrony Framework to make sure we are highlighting not only your best assets but also looking at what true style means to you.


Where do you shop?

I can shop anywhere and on any budget. That being said, I do not believe in Fast Fashion. I will NOT shop from places such as Shein, TEMU, Forever 21, Mango, Amazon, Target, etc.  Companies that price their clothing that low typically do not have safe working conditions for their employees (including child labor) in addition to making poor quality clothing that is bad for the environment AND won't last. Those are key distinctions for me.  I believe in sustainability, so I will always shop in places where I believe the quality of the clothing you invest in will last long-term. I would rather you purchase a few well-made pieces than several pieces that will not wash and wear well or last you long.

With full transparency, I am an Ambassador for cabi Clothing. I may make recommendations from cabi based on your style and body type. I will only do this if I truly feel that the pieces are perfect-for-you items. I have chosen to continue my relationship with cabi because the quality and versatility of the clothing are truly unparalleled. I know the Designers personally and they design high-quality, beautiful clothes.  I do earn a commission on sales made through cabi.


Do you only work with people that have big budgets?

Absolutely not. You and I will have a conversation about your budget and we will work within those parameters. Because I believe in quality over quantity, it may mean fewer pieces to work within your budget, but they will be the pieces you adore in your closet!

I'm ready to go!  What steps should I take?  When will our first appointment be and what will the first appointment be like?

I'm SO excited for you!  If you are READY to go, most packages have an option to get signed up right away.  Once you have made your payment and completed your contract (the Terms & Conditions inside of the checkout cart), I will email you a link to get your first appointment scheduled.  Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you complete payment, the better!

The first appointment for ALL of my styling Clients will include a Virtual meeting where we talk about your styling goals.  If you choose a Special Event package, Photo Shoot package, or Single Service package, this call will be very straightforward.  If you are purchasing a longer-term styling package, we are going to dive in-depth into vision planning and style evaluations.  For longer term packages, you will receive an email with paperwork that needs to be completed and submitted prior to our first appointment so that we can make the best use of our first appointment together!  

How much time will this take from me?

This is a REALLY important question, and I'm so glad you asked!  While I do most of the legwork inside of a styling package, an important part of developing a truly aligned style is that we are co-creating it together.  Without your input, I could give you style, but it wouldn't stick.  It's important for YOU to be a part of the process.  Most of your "work" will be upfront as I ask you to fill out Style forms so we get it right the first time.  Examples of other areas you will have to spend some time time would be for appointments (obviously), ordering from links if we are shopping virtually, package returns, taking photos of closet items (or pay a kiddo to do it).

Do you have payment plan options?

I do!  I understand that the price can seem overwhelming, but the outcome is so worth it!  Packages that have an available Payment Plan show it near the price on the description.


I am not happy with my weight right now. Should I hold off on working with you?

No, no, no! Women are really hard on themselves and as we age, the changes in our body don't make that any easier. If you are on a true journey to health and happiness, you deserve to feel beautiful NOW.

You have made it to my website for a reason: you are fed up with where you are with your style and how you feel. Do not ignore that. You can choose to have a smaller budget and when you reach your goal weight, be ready to spend more on a complete overhaul. Plus, a tailor will be your best friend. When we select pieces you adore and you are bummed because they are too large, a tailor can make them fit you PERFECTLY at your new weight!


Will this cost a lot of money?

It does not have to! Stylists aren't just for celebrities and rich people. That being said, what I offer is a luxury service. I offer services that start at $600 and go up from there. How you feel in your clothes affects EVERYTHING about your confidence and how you show up in the world. You need to take the step and prioritize yourself, your confidence, and your happiness!  It is an investment in yourself.

What days and times do you schedule appointments?

I work during the weekdays and I offer one evening per week and one Saturday per month (in the morning).  Most women prefer to work with me when family and distractions are not around (even if our appointment is done virtually). Many women choose to take a half-day off of work to focus on our time together.

What is Stylist-on-Call or Stylist Support?

If your package includes Stylist-on-Call Services (AKA Stylist Support), this is access to me via an app called Voxer.  This will allow you to ask me questions on-the-fly as they come up.  My on-call hours are Monday -  Friday 9am-5pm.

 I see the clothes that you wear and they aren't my style. Are you going to try to get me to wear the type of styles you wear?

Girl, NO! Absolutely not!  My style does NOT = your style.  We are going to work together to truly identify your style. That is why you are here. You always have a voice with me and we will walk the path together.


My closet is a disaster! I'm embarrassed by it. I'm not sure I want you to see it.

It's completely okay. Take a deep breath. My world is a Judgement-Free Zone! If you purchase a package that has a closet edit, we will get your closet straightened out and organized stat!


Do I have to live in Charlotte to work with you? Do you work with Clients virtually?

I definitely can work with Clients who are not local to me. We have all gotten used to working virtually. Even my local Clients sometimes choose to have virtual options. I will instruct you on lighting and camera position during our sessions to make sure I am seeing everything that I need to see!


What does Confidence and Mindset Coaching involve?

I have become Certified in both of these areas so that we can dive in and really get you moving in a positive direction in your life. We will talk about your life, your values, and how you see yourself and work on changing your thought patterns so that you feel confident and view your future in a positive light. We will talk about reframing your thoughts and taking action. This is where true happiness will truly shine through!

What is a Digitized Closet?

Dependent upon your package selection, you may have this option.  A Digitized closet is the items in your closet put into a virtual Look Book so that I can curate custom looks with the pieces that you own and/or I have recommended and you have purchased.  Some packages do not have a digitized closet, some have an offering of a select number of digitized "looks".


Do you work with men?

At this time I do not. While I have been trained and certified in Men's Styling, I have decided to put my focus on women and helping them transform their lives and their confidence.


Why should I work with you?

I have years of experience working with Clients one-on-one. I have helped women with many body types, and many style preferences, and love helping women to feel confident and beautiful in the clothes they put on their bodies. I also do not believe in rigid rules. Style is personal to each person. I am an expert and will offer expert recommendations or suggestions, but I will NEVER tell you to do something in absolutes. This is a relationship, a two-way conversation. I have honed my craft over the years and love sharing my knowledge with my Clients. You have found yourself in style confusion potentially after years of going down the same path. I will encourage you to step up, to elevate, to step outside of your comfort zone, which may be uncomfortable. BUT, I will be a Leader, not a Dictator!

Do you guarantee that I will get results?

I am coaching you on your style throughout your time with me.  I fully believe in what I am teaching you and showing you to help you grow in your style.  That being said, you will only grow and change your style to the extent that you show up and put in the work.

I am interested in having you speak about style at an event.  Do you offer this?

I sure do!  You can email me at hello@michelleglassstyling.com to inquire about topics and pricing.

Do you offer Group Styling?

I do and these events are SO MUCH FUN!  This may look like a group of 4-5 women who want to go to the Mall and shop together alongside a Personal Stylist.  I also offer Group Color Analysis for groups of 3-4 women and Style Parties where I can speak to you and your friends about style and give everyone a body type evaluation!  Contact me to inquire about pricing for these fun group events!