The Body Type Blueprint

Get ready to get dressed with Confidence!

I have created this intensive Body Type Program that will guide you to discover your true body type and then give you all of the information you need to dress yourself to flatter your body in the absolute best way.

This program includes detailed information on: all six body types, specialized styling tips for women who are Petite, Tall, and Plus-Sized, Somatotype and the best fabrics for your body, and how to use proportional dressing to your advantage.

You will leave the program knowing:

If you are ready to take back control of your wardrobe and to understand all the tricks to dress your shape, then The Body Type Blueprint is an EASY "YES"!


5-Day Style Challenge:  Discover Your Closet's Potential

Do you struggle to put together looks inside of your closet?

Do you feel like you wear the same outfits over-and-over?

Does your closet feel stale?

This program is for YOU!

Inside of this program, you will discover a 5-day style challenge to help you dig into your closet and create new looks with what you already own!

You will learn how to step outside of your comfort zone and think about clothes differently.  

Purchase the 5-Day Style Challenge today for just $39!  

You will have immediate access to the Challenge and you will have lifetime access to the content.

This program will be a game-changer regarding how you think about style and the clothes in your closet!  Get started by purchasing below!

Mini Masterclasses

Travel Capsules: Effective Packing Tips

We've all been there: at the airport moving things from one suitcase to another to "make weight" and avoid overweight baggage fees! In this training, I am showing you how to pack like a pro so your vacation will be smooth sailing! If you have a vacation coming up this summer, you will want to take this course.

Only $29 and you get IMMEDIATE Lifetime Access!